I strive to create appropriate work with purpose, honesty, beauty and function. Whether it’s graphic or interactive design, the core values of my creative process remain the same – flexibility, craft consciousness and a commitment to clear and intelligent design.

“There is no problem so complicated that you can’t find a very simple answer if you look at it the right way.”
Douglas Adams

The right tools for the job.

Broad skill set with proficiency in the following applications:

Adobe Photoshop // Adobe InDesign // Adobe Illustrator // Adobe Dreamweaver (html and css) // Adobe Flash // QuarkXPress


Creative thinking

Generating solutions by finding that fresh perspective via lateral thinking…
… and it never hurts to surround yourself with other creative, funny individuals in case the muse doesn’t strike on demand.

Enthusiasm & commitment

The fact that I left a career in medicine to pursue one in graphic design proves my commitment to the field…

My diligent, enthusiastic, dedicated approach and the pleasure I take in my work means that I operate dynamically as part of a team.


The secret to an efficient workflow and keeping sane when juggling multiple projects…

I have a notepad and I’m not afraid to use it!

Years of Experience

But it’s not all about design…

As an experienced guitarist and singer, I have enjoyed performing as part of a band, as a session musician, and more recently, as a solo singer-songwriter. I have played in gigs around the country and have supported various touring bands, such as Muse and The Saw Doctors to a full house at Cardiff University. Recently I have enjoyed jamming with Johnny Buckland from Coldplay.

I also have three children – Euan (8), Catrin (6) and Liana (3) so my hobbies now include school runs, delicate negotiations and plaiting hair. I am also a master-craftsman in the medium of Lego.

I’m Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through creative ideas, craftsmanship & sheer determination